This clown has got to go!

It's blatantly obvious to anyone watching this team can see the clown has lost the dressing room. The players have stopped playing for him, listening to him. They're simply floating out there and not giving it their 100% when on the ice. It shows by the results in the standings for the past 2 months. Only the Sabres are worse than the Canadiens on 5 on 5.

It's time Therrien is put out to pasture.

Based on coaching moves (or lack of) all season long, it's also obvious he doesn't have a clue what he's doing behind the bench. From when to take a time out, when to pull the goalie and when to (or not to) put on the fourth line, this entire season has been an utter disaster from a coaching perspective.

2012-2013 playoffs series vs the Ottawa Senators was a perfect example of why this clown shouldn't have been rehired by the organization in the first place when there were much better, more qualified candidates out there! (Patrick Roy, Larry Robinson.) Paul MacLean outcoached this fool, took him to the wood shed, wiped the floor with him, all the cliches apply, it was embarrassing for anyone associated with the Canadiens organization as an owner, employee or a fan.

A short list off the top of my head of idiotic coaching moves made by Therrien this season:

I'm sure there are dozens of other incomprehensible moves made by this moron, and I'll update the list as I think of them.

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